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Real Estate Investment Meets Artificial Intelligence

We partner with visionary real estate enterprises to harness coaching’s potential for investment and profitability.

AI-Driven Valuation, Data Analytics & Innovation

Rooted in authentic AI technology, LandTrack’s pioneering solutions empower precise decision-making across property valuations, analytics, predictive models, and portfolio optimization while maintaining transparency and clarity.

Empowering future real estate endeavors: LandTrack's innovation is poised to identify the most promising off-plan properties from an extensive database of over 40,000 real-time listings across 61 cities globally, setting the stage for tomorrow's successes.

Shield yourself from poor investments

Risk-Free Real Estate Investments with Realiste.Spot the “No Risk” label for a hassle-free, profitable, and rewarding real estate investment.
LandTrack - Coming Soon

Discover the Future of Real Estate Insights

#1 Anticipated AI-Powered Valuation Model

Unveiling the most precise real estate perspectives on property values and trends – arriving soon.

Innovative Data Reservoir

An expansive nationwide data reservoir with unmatched coverage, precision, and contextual relevance within the industry.

Advanced Cloud Infrastructure for Real Estate

Leading the sector with a robust, adaptable, next-generation cloud infrastructure – Coming Soon.



A Vital Component of LandTrack’s Proprietary TerraVision™, our Dynamic AI Computer Vision Technology is enriched with insights from countless real estate images, which seamlessly integrate into various solutions powered by our QVM technology.

Property Feature Detection – Interior

Identify sought-after interior features like hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances and marble countertops.

LandTrack merges extensive domain knowledge, self-improving technology, cutting-edge computer vision, and streamlined workflows to provide unparalleled real estate insights to clients spanning diverse industries.

Precision Targeting identifies larger qualified prospect pools.
Real Estate
Comprehensive, rich data yielding competitive advantage through depth, breadth, precision, and insight.
AI-managed data set providing deep insight with point-of-sale reports, including interest rate profiles.
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We've Help You Increase Profits

But in certain circumstances and owing to the claims of duty or the obligations of business it will frequently

Why the Landtrack and not real estate companies?

We fulfill our obligations 100%

Our obligations are spelled out in contracts with clients, whereas with real estate agencies, you will find that there are mostly verbal promises, but not written contracts.

We offer top 1%

We have contracts with 100% of developers on the market. We analyze absolutely all projects. We invented the first-of-its-kind AI in real estate in order to be able to analyze thousands of projects at the moment and select only the TOP 1% of the best investment opportunities for clients. Other companies cannot do the same, because by the time they study the market manually, it will already change.

99.7% successful investment

We improve customer service with personalized offers and precise analytics, resulting in higher satisfaction and accurate evaluations.

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Seriously Loved by our Clients

Real estate agents, property managers, developers, and companies across the real estate industry rely on LandTrack to efficiently manage their property portfolios and streamline their operations.


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